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Underground Fire Protection Services in Northern California

In California, underground piping is typically made of PVC, cement, or ductile iron. It’s connected to a city’s water main, water storage tank, or some other reliable water supply and, depending on the region where it’s installed, has varied minimum bury depth requirements. Fire protection systems, such as underground fire sprinklers, underground fire piping, and underground fire lines, are critical fire safety components. They ensure safe, effective, and National Fire Protection Association-compliant measures that protect your property and the people in it.

Are you interested in underground fire protection solutions for your Northern California property? Contact Foothill Fire Protection online today or call us at (916) 663-3582.

Keep Your Property Safe

Underground Fire Sprinklers

Automatic fire sprinkler system with red pipesFire sprinkler underground piping is dedicated to your property’s fire sprinkler system. Running from the sprinkler riser to the final valve, its sizing depends on available water, the square footage of the property, and hydraulic calculations. When determining pipe size, future structural expansion should always be considered.

As each Northern California community has its specific guidelines and minimum requirements for dedicated underground fire sprinkler piping, it’s essential to hire a fire protection services company with the experience and expertise needed to provide adequate life safety and asset protection solutions.

Underground Fire Piping

Concrete, ductile iron, high-density polyethylene, copper, and stainless steel are all permitted by the NFPA for underground fire piping. HDPE plastic piping is often used in areas where seismic inputs are a consideration. Factors like soil corrosion potential often determine which type of underground fire piping is installed.

Northern California municipalities each have their own standards for installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of underground fire piping. Foothill Fire Protection has the knowledge and expertise needed to meet local, state, and federal pipe and trench requirements, hydrant requirements, and all other general underground fire piping requirements set forth by the NFPA and local fire departments.

Underground Fire Lines

As they supply water to the fire sprinkler systems that protect your property, underground fire lines are the start of any fire protection system. Our underground fire line services include:

  • Fireline repairs
  • Fireline designs and installations
  • Underground piping flow tests
  • Fire hydrant testing
  • Emergency fireline services

Guidelines for installing, testing, and repairing underground fire piping in Northern California vary according to location and property type. Our trained technicians have the knowledge and skills needed to install underground fire piping according to code and perform maintenance and repair services throughout the life of your entire sprinkler system.

Want to learn more about underground fire lines, piping, and sprinkler systems for your Northern California property? Contact Foothill Fire Protection online today or call us at (916) 663-3582.

Why Choose Foothill Fire Protection?

For more than 25 years, Foothill Fire Protection has provided exceptional commercial and residential fire suppression and protection services, including fire alarm monitoring services, to homes and businesses throughout Northern California. Our experience and expertise mean all your fire protection needs, including underground fire protection, are met in one place.

Our innovative, high-value, and high-performance fire protection solutions are designed to go above your needs and expectations, keeping you, your property, and the people you care about protected and secure year-round.

To learn more about all the fire protection services we offer, including underground fire protection, contact Foothill Fire Protection online today or call us at (916) 663-3582.

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