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Fire Protection Services for Office Buildings in Northern California & the Greater Bay Area

Fires can have devastating impacts on businesses, so it’s imperative that your office building has robust fire protection strategies in place. U.S. businesses have an ethical, regulatory, and legal duty to develop a robust fire safety plan long before the first flame is lit. You’ll need to ensure you meet a long list of NFPA Codes and legislation. That’s where Foothill Fire Protection can help. We’ve been in the fire suppression and protection industry long enough to fully understand business occupancy needs and codes. Our office building fire suppression specialists will make easy work of your fire protection strategy. 

If you manage an office building in Northern California and the Greater Bay Area, call on Foothill Fire Protection for our comprehensive fire protection services. Call us at (916) 663-3582 or reach out online.

Keep Your Business Safe

Fire Alarm Services for Office Buildings

Your fire alarm alerts the building’s occupants in good time so that they can exit the building safely. It also ensures that your fire protection strategy keeps working when you’ve already gone home to protect thousands of dollars worth of assets. The NFPA 101 requires all businesses to have Section 9.6-compliant alarm monitoring. We’ll install your new system, provide inspections and testing, and handle repairs.

Office Building Fire Sprinkler Systems

Your fire sprinkler system is an essential part of your fire control strategy. It makes sure that small fires can be extinguished even when the affected area is unmanned. Sprinklers put out 96% of the fires that trigger them, so no business should go without them. Foothill Fire Protection will help your property management team determine the right size and position required for your facility.

Portable Fire Extinguishers for Offices

Extinguishers are useless if they’re inaccessible, so portable fire extinguishers are a crucial part of your fire protection plan. We’ll help you determine the correct size and position of each extinguisher, then deliver on-site training for your staff. We’ll also handle your recharges and annual inspections.

Fire Suppression for Businesses

Your fire suppression equipment protects expensive assets and human lives, so this isn’t the place to cut corners. We’ll stock you with the right Halon, FM-200, Inergen, and C02 systems. Once that’s handled, we’ll perform routine inspections, tests, and maintenance. We’ll also make sure your kitchens are protected by the correct suppression equipment. Our in-house professionals understand the unique risks of this unique space, so they’ll create a robust and effective strategy. Our on-site coordinators will give you a detailed consultation and safety plan.

Keep Your Business Safe

24/7 Emergency Repair Services

Foothill Fire Protection understands that not all fire protection responsibilities can be carried out during business hours. That’s why we offer a 24/7 emergency repair service to take care of your needs around the clock.

Choose Foothill Fire Protection for Your Office Building

At Foothill Fire Protection, we make it our mission to keep people and businesses safe from any and all fire risks. We proudly serve businesses throughout Northern California and the Greater Bay Area with comprehensive fire protection services, from design and installation to inspections and testing. Our highly trained and -skilled team offers expert solutions and superior customer service, all backed by a strong commitment to:

  • Maintain safety
  • Finish on time
  • Stay on budget
  • Meet client needs

Find out how Foothill Fire Protection can help keep your office building safe. Call (916) 663-3582 or request a free quote online.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Had a leaking sprinkler head in my bedroom and had to turn off house water due to too much mess. Called a few other local businesses only to find out they don’t do residential, found foothill fire prote...

-Redline M, Roseville

I work in commercial property management, and let me tell you this: My owner is particular in the vendors we use for our many properties. They have to work hard, follow through, communicate effectively, s...

-Amanda S, Sacramento

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Today was my move-in date at my newly purchased condo. As the movers were packing up my things to bring over, an electrical fire started at the new home. Needle...

-Jennifer M, Lincoln

I’ve had the pleasure of having Scott come to my home twice now under a not so good circumstance but he’s such a terrific guy that his visit almost makes it worth it. (I said almost, Scott) Anyways, S...

-Bridget H, Auburn

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