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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems in Northern California

Our in-house design/build team can exceed your expectations and meet your budgetary constraints for any new project needs, from the smallest manual fire alarm system to the largest multi-story full automatic detection mass notification system.

With a team of fully trained, California state-licensed, NICET-certified, and factory-certified technicians (on most non-proprietary branded equipment and even some proprietary brands as well), we would be happy to modify your existing system to meet your current or future needs. 

As a certified Potter Distributor, we proudly promote their top-of-the-line products that will satisfy any project’s requirements.

Get Fire Alarm Protection

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

The team at Foothill Fire Protection, Inc. specializes in custom commercial fire alarm builds to meet clients’ needs across a wide variety of industries and fields. We understand how important fire safety can be to a business and how diverse the challenges involved in effective fire alarm design can be.

That’s why you want our licensed and certified technicians on your side in developing and implementing your fire alarm system, no matter the size or complexity of the system. Our insight into different industries means we can always spot other improvements, better ways to secure your property against fire, and more efficient ways to implement the system without breaking your budget.

Commercial Fire Alarm Inspection

In a real fire, a few minutes of delay due to a single faulty sensor can mean more than increased property damage; it might be a malfunction that costs lives. That’s why you’re expected to have your fire alarms inspected regularly for function and compliance.

Our team is certified and trained to perform a full inspection of your commercial fire alarm system, confirming the function of both individual alarms and your various control and oversight systems. We’ll help your company stay fully in compliance with the inspection requirements of all government levels, industrial standards, insurance companies, and others you’re beholden to.

Make sure your fire alarm system is operating to code! Let the team at Foothill Fire Protection, Inc. perform a full-service inspection of your fire alarms today. Dial 916-663-3582 or contact us via the form in the sidebar.

Commercial Fire Alarm Testing

Red fire alarm with strobe light

The best fire alarm system in the world means nothing if the wrong wire has come loose inside the wall and rendered the entire system non-functional. That’s why you must test your fire alarms regularly to make sure they behave exactly as expected in the event of a fire.

We’ll walk through all the major functions of your fire alarm system, no matter how complicated, to make sure it’s operating as it should and will react as expected in an emergency. If your alarm goes off, you need to be confident in your response to it; that means knowing, for a fact, that it’s giving you accurate information about an emergency on your premises.

To schedule testing of your commercial fire alarm systems, reach out to Foothill Fire Protection, Inc. now at 916-663-3582.

Commercial Fire Alarm Repair

Is your current system always beeping? Do you have an old appliance or detector hanging from a wall or ceiling that hasn’t worked for years? Did the fire department not show up for your last false alarm — or even worse, for a real emergency? Allow us to correct these issues, bring your system back to its full operating potential, and relieve your ears from the incessant beeping.  

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Early detection and fast response times can mean the difference between life and death in some fires — and even when the stakes aren’t quite that high, it can mean the difference between a financial annoyance and catastrophic damages that result in significant financial loss.

If you want the best protection for your people and property, you want the best commercial fire alarm monitoring services in the area. That means entrusting your commercial fire system monitoring to the expert team at Foothill Fire Protection, Inc. We offer 24-hour fire alarm monitoring to keep your business and all its occupants safe at all times.

If you’d like to learn more about our commercial fire alarm monitoring services, call 916-663-3582 or contact us online.

Keep Your Business Safe

Why Choose Foothill Fire Protection, Inc.?

Foothill Fire Protection, Inc. proudly provides businesses and homeowners across the region with superior fire prevention, suppression, alarm, and monitoring services. We combine innovative systems and solutions with exceptional staff and customer support solutions, all backed by a strong commitment to:

  • Maintain safety
  • Finish on time
  • Stay on budget
  • Meet client needs

We succeed when the people and businesses we work with stay safe and feel safe. That means making sure you can trust our people, our products, and our services.

Ready to find out more about what Foothill Fire Protection, Inc. can do to meet your commercial fire alarm needs in Northern California? Dial 916-663-3582 or contact us online for a free estimate on your fire alarm project.

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I’ve had the pleasure of having Scott come to my home twice now under a not so good circumstance but he’s such a terrific guy that his visit almost makes it worth it. (I said almost, Scott) Anyways, S...

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