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Fire Extinguisher Recharge, Repair & Sales in Santa Rosa, CA

Fire extinguishers play a vital role in reducing the exposure of your Santa Rosa property to the risk of catastrophic fire. You need fire safety experts you can count on to help you find the type and size of extinguisher for your needs and provide the comprehensive support services that keep them ready and reliable. 

That’s where the team of fire protection experts at Foothill Fire Protection comes in. With our team assisting, you can have peace of mind knowing that your fire extinguishers are as ready and able to control fires and minimize risk as possible.

If you need fire extinguisher services in Santa Rosa, don’t hesitate to call (916) 663-3582 today!

Fire Protection in Santa Rosa

Fire Extinguisher Services in Santa Rosa, CA

While Foothill Fire Protection offers full-service care for fire extinguishers. When you need a new set of fire extinguishers or outfit a property for the first time, work with our team to determine your needs and get the right fit for safety, code compliance, and cost efficiency. 

When something seems wrong, or you need to resolve problems, we’ll repair your extinguisher if possible and let you know your best options if we can’t. 

We also offer the comprehensive maintenance services necessary to keep your extinguishers effective and compliant, including recharging rechargeable extinguishers that have lost their charge to time or usage. Whatever it takes to outfit you with appropriate extinguishers and keep them ready, you can expect it from the fire equipment team at Foothill Fire Protection.

Santa Rosa Area Inspection & Testing

For many facilities, fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against fire emergencies. That makes it more critical that they are reliable when needed; a fire extinguisher that doesn’t work as intended makes a situation more dangerous than simply not having one. 

At Foothill Fire Protection, we field highly trained, California-licensed, NICET-certified, factory-certified technicians for inspection and testing to keep your fire extinguishers functional, code-compliant, and effective in an emergency. 

In the process, we’ll identify problems with your extinguishers, their placement, and other factors that could shape their use in an emergency so you can stay on top of regulations and risks to the safety of people and property. 

Want to know more about our inspection and testing services? Contact us today or call (916) 663-3582 to learn more about what Foothill Fire Protection can do for you. 

Types & Classes of Fire Extinguishers Available

Fire extinguishers come in countless forms, each suitable for dealing with different fires and circumstances. There are disposable and rechargeable fire extinguishers, but more importantly, there are five different classes of extinguishers for different types of fire:

  • A: Small area extinguishers standard in offices or similar spaces
  • B: Extinguishers for environments with combustible substances
  • C: Extinguishers for areas with electrical equipment
  • D: An extinguisher appropriate for use around combustible metals
  • K: An extinguisher that is safe for kitchen fires that might involve grease, fats, etc

Extinguishers can be rated for multiple classes at once, such as the typical ABC design for a small area extinguisher appropriate to use around combustible substances and electrical equipment. 

Choose Foothill Fire Protection for Fire Extinguisher Services in Santa Rosa

For over 25 years, Foothill Fire Protection has offered exceptional service to residents of Northern California and the Bay Area. When you need a fire protection company you can trust to find the right answers for your safety and other needs, turn to us and enjoy tailored services specific to the needs of your property. Don’t settle for a fire extinguisher company that won’t work with you for the best results possible.

Ready to schedule fire extinguisher services in the Santa Rosa area? Call us at (916) 663-3582 to get started now!

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If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Today was my move-in date at my newly purchased condo. As the movers were packing up my things to bring over, an electrical fire started at the new home. Needle...

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I’ve had the pleasure of having Scott come to my home twice now under a not so good circumstance but he’s such a terrific guy that his visit almost makes it worth it. (I said almost, Scott) Anyways, S...

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