Fire Extinguisher Services

As the premier, full-service leader of Innovative solutions for the Life Safety code we do much more than just sell products. First, we believe when it comes to the safety of your employees, property, and data we are the expert professional in our industry. At Foothill Fire Protection, Inc., we help determine how many, the correct size and correct type of extinguishers needed for your unique setting. Then we provide all needed routine inspections, maintenance and testing. We are always striving for the top of the line customer service, and peace of mind. Our staff of highly skilled service experts are ready to ensure your business experiences minimal interruptions, improved reliability, extended equipment life, and reduced operating costs.

Our Products

We are direct distributors of the following products: 

  • Amerex
  • Badger
  • Range Guard
  • Sampson
  • J&L Industries
  • Ansul

Full-Service Fire Extinguisher Company

When it comes to Fire Extinguisher service, maintenance, and inspections we are your full-service company. The law requires portable fire extinguishers for commercial buildings, and it’s extremely wise to have some portable fire extinguishers in your home. It’s also vital that extinguishers be easily accessible in critical situations. As crucial as it is to have an extinguisher it’s just as important to have it serviced and you are using the correct type and size for the hazard you’re trying to protect. At Foothill Fire Protection, Inc. we have you covered from dry chemical to K-class for commercial kitchens to water extinguishers for those high-class A type hazard we have them all in stock and ready to install and maintain.  

The 5 Classes of Fire Extinguishers

Class A:

For use in small areas such as an office or a classroom, installed within 75 feet of any employee.

Class B:

For use in working environments where there are combustible gases or liquids such as auto repair shops or factories. Must be installed within 50 feet of any employee.

Class C:

For businesses where any type of energized electrical equipment can be found. This includes power tools and appliances. Class C Fire Extinguishers must be installed within 50-75 feet of all employees.

Class D:

Used for combustible metals usually found in a laboratory environment. There are several combustible metals such as titanium, magnesium and aluminum. These are to be installed within 75 feet of any area containing regular creation by product of these metals.

Class K:

Used for kitchen related fires caused by vegetable oils, cooking fats and grease. Businesses with operational kitchens must have these extinguishers installed within 30 feet of the kitchen area.



What Our Clients Are Saying

Had a leaking sprinkler head in my bedroom and had to turn off house water due to too much mess. Called a few other local businesses only to find out they don’t do residential, found foothill fire prote...

-Redline M, Roseville

I work in commercial property management, and let me tell you this: My owner is particular in the vendors we use for our many properties. They have to work hard, follow through, communicate effectively, s...

-Amanda S, Sacramento

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Today was my move-in date at my newly purchased condo. As the movers were packing up my things to bring over, an electrical fire started at the new home. Needle...

-Jennifer M, Lincoln

I’ve had the pleasure of having Scott come to my home twice now under a not so good circumstance but he’s such a terrific guy that his visit almost makes it worth it. (I said almost, Scott) Anyways, S...

-Bridget H, Auburn

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