Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Our in-house design/build team can meet or exceed your expectations and budgetary constraints for any new project needs from the smallest manual fire alarm system to the largest multi-story full automatic detection mass notification systems. As a certified Potter distributor, we proudly promote their top of the line products that will satisfy any projects requirements.  

With a team of fully trained, California state licensed, NICET certified, and factory certified technicians; (on most of the non-proprietary branded equipment and even some of the proprietary brands as well) we would be happy to modify your existing system to meet your current or future needs. 

As a certified Potter distributor, we proudly promote their top-of-the-line products that will satisfy any project's requirements

Already have an alarm system, but it could use some upgrades?

Is your current system always beeping? Do you have an old appliance or detector hanging from a wall or ceiling? Did the fire department not show up on your last false alarm or even worse a real emergency? Allow us to correct these issues, bring your system back to its full operating potential, and relieve your ears from the incessant beeping.  


Additional Services for Alarm Systems