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Fire Protection Services in the Greater Bay Area

Fire Sprinklers Systems, Alarms, and Monitoring

With towering skyscrapers and classic Victorian homes, the Bay Area is surrounded by beauty and progression. Stretching from the heart of San Francisco to the technical giant of San Jose, Foothill Fire Protection is creating solutions for businesses and families in the Bay Area. With dedicated service professionals, they are able to exceed the highest expectations and deliver impressive results.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology their system experts are able to install highly sensitive products that allow for constant monitoring and instant alerts of any fire danger. With a team dedicated to designing effective sprinkler systems, they are able to set up new buildings with the best solutions available. Many of the buildings in the Bay Area have been standing for generations, their history is highly valuable and tenuously maintained. Foothill Fire Protection is able to retrofit any home or business with state of the art systems that help preserve the craftsmanship of highly cared for properties.

Whether you need a full system renovation or you want to check the effectiveness of your current sprinkler and alarm structure, we have teams committed to preserving your investment. Peace of mind is a necessity when it comes to your business and your family, which is why we continually go above and beyond to protect what matters most.

Bay Area Fire Protection Service

Our licensed technicians work hard to build quality sprinkler systems that meet California’s stringent fire code. We are constantly investing in our ability to bring you the best at the lowest cost. With so much on the line, we want to make sure you have nothing to worry about.